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February 24, 1952 (2 items; TT = 5:27)
Dumont TV Studio, New York NY
Dumont Network TV broadcast (B)
Charlie Parker and Dizzy Gillespie

Charlie Parker (as); J.B. "Dizzy" Gillespie (tpt); Dick Hyman (p); Sandy Block (b); Charlie Smith (d); Earl Wilson (ann); Leonard Feather (ann)

1 Announcement (Earl Wilson and Leonard Feather) 1:55

EW: "And here he, Mr. Leonard Feather... C'mon out, Leonard. 'Atta boy -- Leonard Feather... Well, what's the... This is quite an occasion, isnt' it? Listen, what do I do about the... you know, when I say 'gimme five' or 'gimme some skin' -- or is that stuff out of date?" LF: "Well, that changes so fast I'll have to look in the next issue of Down Beat to find out about it." EW: "Anyway, you've got the awards, and it's really quite an event." LF: "Quite an event in two senses, actually. You know, in the music business we've been practicing brotherhood for quite a long time. A man's color and his religion don't make any difference -- when you put a horn in his hands, the only thing that counts is the sound." EW: "Well, I think that's, uh, the thing about the Down Beat's All-American band -- what makes it all-American because it's, uh, different creeds and different, uh, races." LF: "I believe that's right." EW: "Well, how 'bout it? Uh, who, what, how we gonna get rid of these now?" LF: "Well, uh, I've been used to doing this for quite a while -- maybe it'd be a nice change if I turned it over to you, let you do the honors." EW: "Love to, I'd love to." LF: "OK, well, Charlie? Dizzy?" EW: "Here they are, this is Charlie Parker... and the famous Dizzy Gillespie. Now fellas, ah, Leonard says I'm supposed to be the toastmaster, sort of the Georgie Jessell of jazz. So Charlie, I wanna award to you now, uh, the Down Beat award for the best alto sax man of 1951. Congratulations to you..." CP: "Thank you." EW: "And, uh, Diz, this is to you from Down Beat for being one of the top trumpet men of all time. Congratulations, Diz -- I mean Dizzy, I got a little informal there... Uh, you boys got anything more to say?" CP: "Well, Earl, they say music speaks louder than words, so we'd rather voice our opinion that way if you don't mind." EW: "All right. I think that'd be all right with everybody, if you really wanna do it... OK, while you fellas are getting set there I better tell the public that, uh, we're gonna have some really torrid tempo with Charlie Parker, alto sax, and, uh, Diz... at the, uh, trumpet, and Dick Hyman's at the piano. They're gonna play, what is it?" LF: "I think it's 'Hot House'." EW: "'Hot House'? OK, fellas, let's go..." Incomplete (1:02) on Bird Box, Phoenix, Philology
2 Hot House (T. Dameron) 3:32

1 Announcement (Earl Wilson and Leonard Feather)
12" LP: Bird Box LP 15, Phoenix LP 12
CD: Bird Box Volume 12, Philology Volume 9 (W 120), Philology Volume 21 (W 851), Charly Le Jazz 21

2 Hot House
12" LP: Bird Box LP 15, Phoenix LP 12
CD: Bird Box Volume 12, Philology Volume 9 (W 120), Philology Volume 21 (W 851), Charly Le Jazz 21

This is one of the two surviving sound films of Parker. Parker and Gillespie were guests on Earl Wilson's Stage Entrance, broadcast Sunday evenings on Channel 5 in New York City. Here they receive their Down Beat Reader's Poll awards and play a number after some faux-hip patter by Wilson. Leonard Feather, co-presenter, seems pained by Wilson's squareness, and Parker's icy look when Wilson asks "You boys got anything more to say?" is priceless.

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