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Ascenseur pour l'échafaud
The Blue Note label
Charlie Parker acknowledgments and credits
Charlie Parker bibliography
Charlie Parker chronology (Leif Bo Petersen)
Charlie Parker discography
Charlie Parker labels
Charlie Parker interviews
Charlie Parker query form
Charlie Parker sessions 1940-1955
"Code M.D." (Enrico Merlin)
Columbia equivalents
Columbia label search
The Complete Columbia album collection
The Great Prestige Recordings (review)
"Klact-oveeseds-tene" vs. "Klact-oveereds-tene"
Live music lists
Live music query form
Mal Waldron recordings
Miles Ahead donation form
Miles Ahead FAQ
Miles Ahead landing page
Miles Ahead old versions
Miles Ahead recent updates
Miles Ahead what's new?
Miles Davis acknowledgments and credits
Miles Davis bibliography
Miles Davis discography
Miles Davis labels
Miles Davis query form
Miles Davis record and CD covers
Miles Davis sessions 1945-1991
Miles Davis tunes (discographical details)
Miles Davis websites
Mosaic LP and CD sets
"My Funny Valentine" (Luca Bragalini)
Prestige equivalents
Prestige label search
The Prestige labels
Walt Dickerson recordings
Walt Dickerson LP/CD covers
Walt Dickerson early reviews
What is Bebop? (1948 pamphlet)
Maurizio Garbolino discographies (Kirk, Mingus, Rollins)

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