Miles Ahead Discographical Details

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Here are the 3 occurrences of "weirdo" in the Miles Ahead database. Click on a date for session details. If a row does not list any commercially-issued records, then that particular version of the tune is only available on private recordings.

DateLocationTitleDur45rpm10" LP12" LPCompact disc
March 6, 1954Rudy van Gelder Studio, HackensackSid's Ahead (Weirdo (take ?))4:41Blue Note BN 1650Blue Note BLP 5040, Classic Records ABNC 5040C (33/45 rpm), Toshiba TOJJ-5040Blue Note BLP 1502 (BST 81502), Toshiba NR 8831 (LP)Blue Note CDP 81502, Blue Note 32610, Blue Note CDP 36633, Toshiba CJ28 5111, Toshiba TOCJ-5659/60, Toshiba TOCJ-9023, Toshiba TOCJ-66111/2, Toshiba TOCJ-6429, Toshiba TOCJ-6325
March 4, 1958Columbia 30th Street Studio, New YorkWeirdo (Sid's Ahead (take 1))13:00  Columbia CL 1193 (= CS 8633), Columbia 87654 86031, Mobile Fidelity Sound Laboratory MFSL 1-374, Nippon Columbia YS-305, Nippon Columbia SL-1223, CBS/Sony SONP 50087, CBS/Sony SOPL 153, CBS/Sony 18AP 2054, CBS/Sony 23AP 2554, CBS/Sony 25AP 751, CBS/Sony 28AP 2832, Mosaic MQ9-191Columbia CK 40837, Columbia CK 85203, Columbia C6K 65833, Columbia C6K 90922, Columbia 88883 75664, CBS/Sony 32DP 520 (= CBS/Sony CSCS 5139), CBS/Sony CSCS 5342, Sony SRCS 9103, Sony SRCS 2223/8, Sony SICP 651/6, Sony SRCS 9726, Sony SRGS 4585, Sony SICP 812, Sony SICP 1203, Sony SICP 20053
November 1, 1958Spotlite Lounge, WashingtonSid's Ahead8:32  Jazz Band EB 409Jazz Band EBCD 2101, Jazz Music Yesterday JMY ME-6402
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