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March 31, 1946 (4 items; TT = 24:30)
Streets of Paris, Los Angeles CA
Unknown radio broadcast (B)
Benny Carter Orchestra

Miles Davis (tpt); Al Grey (tb); Benny Carter (as); Hubert "Bumps" Myers (ts); James Cannady (g); Sonny White (p); Thomas Moultrie (b); Percy Brice (d); Unknown (ann)

1 Just You, Just Me (incomplete) (R. Klages-J. Greer) 7:56

Solos: Myers ("yessir, that was Hu... Sir Hubert Myers. Sir Hubert...", 1:51); Davis ("trumpet man Miles Davis...", 3:07); Cannady ("that's our man Jimmy Cannady. And now, Benny Carter...", 4:18); Carter; Grey (fade to splice at 4:57, "trombone, that's Al", 6:08); White ("piano man Sonny White", 7:20)
2 Announcement 0:08

Fred:"'Just You, Just Me' -- Benny Carter and his band... Jazz Session time at the Streets of Paris, it carries on till six o'clock. (Splice.) And now, 'Don't Blame Me', he says, in G flat..."
3 Don't Blame Me (incomplete) (D. Fields-J. McHugh) 8:57

Laughter at beginning; Ted (during piano intro): "Shields should know better than to keep out of flats." Fades to a splice at 0:57. Solos: Grey; White, Myers; Davis (solo begins at 5:05; fade to splice at 5:48; solo continues until 6:00); Carter; Cannady
4 Sweet Georgia Brown (incomplete) (B. Bernie-M. Pinkard-K. Casey) 7:29

Solos: Carter; Myers; Moultrie (fade to splice at 4:57); Cannady; Davis (solo begins at 5:24, continues to the end). Voiceover closing announcement (beginning at 6:55): "From the Streets of Paris, 6726 Hollywood Blvd, Lamplighter Jazz Session time, featuring that amazing man of music, Benny Carter and his band. Next week at the Streets of Paris on Jazz Session, we honor that band man Buddy Rich, drummer and singer too nowadays, currently appearing at the Hollywood Palladium. Benny Carter and his boys, of course, appear through the courtesy of the Trianon in Southgate, where their band currently appears. Ted, anything else?" Ted: "Yes, we've got Artie Shapiro will be here on bass along with Buddy Rich, and Fred, I know what I want Santy Claus to bring me next year..."

1 Just You, Just Me (incomplete)
CD: Masters of Jazz MJCD 151, FAP 001/3

2 Announcement
CD: Masters of Jazz MJCD 151, FAP 001/3

3 Don't Blame Me (incomplete)
CD: Masters of Jazz MJCD 151, FAP 001/3

4 Sweet Georgia Brown (incomplete)
CD: Masters of Jazz MJCD 151, FAP 001/3

Benny Carter and His Orchestra were booked at the Orpheum Theater (with Harry "The Hipster" Gibson and Helen Humes) from March 19-24, and the Carter group played a dance at Meadowbrook Gardens in Culver City on March 30. Davis was still performing after hours with Charlie Parker.

Some discographies list Howard McGhee as the trumpet player, but it certainly sounds like Davis on all three of these tunes. Thanks to Tommaso Urbano and Craig Neilson for help with this session.

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