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January 17, 1949 (8 items; TT = 19:07)
WPIX Studio, New York NY
WPIX radio broadcast (B)
All-Star jam session

Miles Davis (tpt); Kai Winding (tb); Buddy De Franco (cl); Eli "Lucky" Thompson (ts); Charlie Ventura (ts, bs); Al Haig (p); Teddy Wilson (p); Oscar Pettiford (b); Shelly Manne (d); Unknown (ann)

1 The Squirrel (T. Dameron) 4:20

Voiceover 0:23-1:30: "Well, good evening, music lovers, and welcome once again to another WPIX jazz concert. We're kinda happy to have you with us this time, because, ah, we're observing some very, very conspicuous firsts -- our first readings of bebop, and a little while later during the program itself, two awards made by Metronome magazine. Our guests this evening, the lovely Carol Bruce, from the very successful musical Along Fifth Avenue, and the gentleman to her right is Mr. George Simon, the editor of Metronome magazine. More about them in just a moment, but right now I'd like to, ah, bring to your attention some of our personnel: there's Miles Davis on trumpet over there, and Lucky Thompson on sax. Buddy DeFranco'll be playing the clarinet this evening, Kai Winding on trambone [sic], and Oscar Pettiford himself is up there on the bass. Rattling the skins is Shelly Manne, and the fella with the built-in hairdo is, ah, Al Haig on the piano. And they're doing things to a little item called 'The Squirrel', I'll have you know."
2 Introduction 0:04

"...Suite 88, with a little thing called 'Fine and Dandy', willya?"
3 Fine and Dandy (P. James-K. Swift) 2:20

Wilson and Manne (duet)
4 Introduction 0:09

"Wonderful, Teddy, wonderful. There you... Jack, Jack! The very charming Miles guy over there, Miles Davis, with, ah, a tune called 'Anthropology'. This is bebop!"
5 Anthropology (D. Gillespie-C. Parker) 3:35
6 Body and Soul (J.W. Green-E. Heyman-R. Sour-F. Eyton) 4:54
7 Introduction 0:05

"Wonderful, kids, wonderful. Let's drop the beat on 'How High the Moon'. Shelly..."
8 How High the Moon (incomplete) (N. Hamilton-M. Lewis) 3:40

Fade out at 3:40

1 The Squirrel
CD: Royal Jazz RJD-514, FAP 001/3

2 Introduction
CD: FAP 001/3

3 Fine and Dandy
CD: FAP 001/3

4 Introduction
CD: Royal Jazz RJD-514, FAP 001/3

5 Anthropology
CD: Royal Jazz RJD-514, FAP 001/3

6 Body and Soul
CD: Royal Jazz RJD-514, FAP 001/3

7 Introduction
12" LP: Big Molly CVRR 8294
CD: Royal Jazz RJD-514, FAP 001/3

8 How High the Moon (incomplete)
12" LP: Big Molly CVRR 8294
CD: Royal Jazz RJD-514, FAP 001/3

With the exception of Teddy Wilson, this is a subset of an Oscar Pettiford-led All-Star group booked for three weeks (January 5-24) at the Clique Club on Broadway.

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