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April 25, 1952 (8 items; TT = 12:59)
Birdland, New York NY
WJZ radio broadcast (C+)
Beryl Booker Quintet with Miles Davis

Miles Davis (tpt); Don Elliot (vb, mellophone); Chuck Wayne (g); Beryl Booker (p); Clyde Lombardi (b); Connie Kay (d)

1 Introduction 0:10

"Now let's have a touch of love here, and I think everything will be setting the stage nicely for Miles Davis to make the scene..."
2 Unknown Title (theme?) 0:20

This is evidently the Booker group's opening and closing theme
3 Rifftide (T. Monk) 3:40

Listed as "Lady Be Good" on Yadeon
4 Introduction 0:11

"Yessir, the first time you're hearing Miles in person for a while, Miles Davis back on the scene here with a fine set of chops. What about a nice beautiful ballad like 'All the Things'?"
5 All the Things You Are (J. Kern-O. Hammerstein) 4:44
6 Introduction 0:09

"Miles Davis on trumpet, backed by Beryl Booker and her group, here at Birdland. And here's one of Miles' originals called 'Squirrel'..."
7 The Squirrel (T. Dameron) 3:31
8 Announcement 0:14

"Yeah, well... Miles Davis. Remember, you still have plenty of time to get down to Birdland, the jazz corner of the world here at Broadway at 52nd Street. Beryl Booker and her group, Lester "The Prez" Young, and Miles Davis..." (cut off)

1 Introduction
CD: Yadeon 502, FAP 001/3

2 Unknown Title (theme?)
CD: Yadeon 502, FAP 001/3

3 Rifftide
CD: Yadeon 502, FAP 001/3

4 Introduction
CD: Yadeon 502, FAP 001/3

5 All the Things You Are
CD: Yadeon 502, FAP 001/3

6 Introduction
CD: Yadeon 502, FAP 001/3

7 The Squirrel
12" LP: Stash ST-113
CD: Yadeon 502, FAP 001/3

8 Announcement
CD: Yadeon 502, FAP 001/3

Davis had been away from New York for several months, in the Midwest trying to cure his heroin habit. He returned in April and joined the Beryl Booker group for two nights broadcast on WJZ. Perhaps on the strengths of this gig, Davis was offered a one-week engagement at Birdland, May 1-7.

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