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April 26, 1952 (7 items; TT = 12:22)
Birdland, New York NY
WJZ radio broadcast (C+)
Beryl Booker Quintet with Miles Davis

Miles Davis (tpt); Don Elliot (vb, mellophone); Chuck Wayne (g); Beryl Booker (p); Clyde Lombardi (b); Connie Kay (d)

1 Introduction 0:16

"I think it's about time that we bring on one of the finest, if not the greatest, technicians on modern trumpet in the country today, so ladies and gentlemen, a nice hand for Miles Davis... Miles, how 'bout 'Lady Be Good'?"
2 Rifftide (T. Monk) 4:10
3 Introduction 0:24

"Miles Davis, ladies and gentlemen. He is the greatest. I think, right along about now with Miles right in front of the Beryl Booker Quintet with the same line-up, with Don Elliot, Chuck Wayne, Connie Kay, and Clyde Lombardi, we'll slow 'em down a little bit, go into the ballad-type modern jazz, as Miles... We gonna play that one? Miles? Yeah, all right, 'It Could Happen to You'..."
4 It Could Happen to You (J. Burke-J. Van Heusen) 4:32
5 Introduction 0:13

"A real beautiful one, 'It Could Happen to You', done by Miles Davis with Beryl Booker and the All-Stars, here over WJZ, New York's first station. Miles and Beryl, we're running a little short. On this last one, could we make a real quick version of 'Wee Dot'?"
6 Wee Dot (J.J. Johnson) 2:12
7 Birk's Works (closing theme) (D. Gillespie) 0:35

Voiceover closing announcement (0:00-0:27): "Thank you very much. Thank you Miles Davis, thank you the Beryl Booker Quintet. I hate to say it, but this is about the halfway mark of our live show this morning. That was, that is, this is it -- Beryl Booker in the background, once again featuring Don Elliot on vibes, mellophone, piano, and french fries, Chuck Wayne on guitar, Clyde Lombardi bass, and Connie Kay at the drums. Thank you very much for the first half hour, Beryl Booker."

1 Introduction
CD: Rare Live Recordings RLR 88666

2 Rifftide
CD: Rare Live Recordings RLR 88666

3 Introduction
CD: Rare Live Recordings RLR 88666

4 It Could Happen to You
CD: Rare Live Recordings RLR 88666

5 Introduction
CD: Rare Live Recordings RLR 88666

6 Wee Dot
CD: Rare Live Recordings RLR 88666

7 Birk's Works (closing theme)
CD: Rare Live Recordings RLR 88666

Davis had been away from New York for several months, in the Midwest trying to cure his heroin habit. He returned in April and joined the Beryl Booker group for two nights broadcast on WJZ. Perhaps on the strengths of this gig, Davis was offered a one-week engagement at Birdland, May 1-7.

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