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May 16, 1953 (9 items; TT = 26:42)
Birdland, New York NY
WABC radio broadcast (C+)
Miles Davis All-Stars

Miles Davis (tpt); Sahib Shihab [Edmund Gregory] (bs); Wade Legge (p); Lou Hackney (b); Al Jones (d); Candido Camero (cga); Joe Carroll (voc); Bob Garrity (ann)

1 Introduction (Bob Garrity) 0:28

"We have on the stage right now, with the exception of Dizzy, his entire group is here, we'll have Candido coming up very shortly, and Joe Carroll. But right now, another of the very great... guys in modern jazz trumpet, let's bring him to the stand with the proper welcome, Mr. Miles Davis, ladies and gentlemen, Miles... And in the Miles Davis repertoire, this one you have to hear, Miles doing 'Move'..." ("Go, Miles" from a man and woman in the audience.)
2 Move (D. Best) 5:35
3 Introduction (Bob Garrity) 0:34

"And it sure does 'Move', by Miles Davis. And in the process of giving due credit, the rest of the guys here on the stand feature, first of all, the rhythm section, on the piano Wade Legge. Wade Legge at the piano, ladies and gentlemen... Lou Hackney at the pi..., at the bass, and Allen Jones on drums. The baritone belongs to Sahib Shihab, on baritone... Course, you know Miles Davis on trumpet. How 'bout something real quiet and pretty, Miles, right now, something like the beautiful standard 'Tenderly'..."
4 Tenderly (W. Gross-J. Lawrence) 4:40
5 Introduction (Bob Garrity) 0:17

"Tenderly, real 'Tenderly', Miles. Miles Davis and the All-Stars..." (splice) "In addition to the guys we have on the stand we'd like to make one more addition, and bring some very fine Cuban rhythm to the stage at Birdland, in the person of the amazing Candido. Candido, ladies and gentlemen, doing 'A Night in Tunisia'. Miles..."
6 A Night in Tunisia (D. Gillespie-F. Paparelli) 6:08

Add Candido (cga)
7 Introduction (Bob Garrity) 0:23

"Candido, on the congas, and Candy and Miles, before, ah, before we bring Joe Carroll on we have room for just kind of a short one, so maybe we'll do that thing that Miles has recorded for... Prestige label... That the one you wanna do, Miles, thing titled 'Dig', huh? OK..."
8 Dig (M. Davis) 3:45

Add Candido (cga)
9 I Got Rhythm (G. Gershwin-I. Gershwin) 4:52

Add Carroll (voc)

1 Introduction (Bob Garrity)
CD: Charly/Le Jazz CD 45, FAP 001/3

2 Move
CD: Charly/Le Jazz CD 45, FAP 001/3

3 Introduction (Bob Garrity)
CD: Charly/Le Jazz CD 45, FAP 001/3

4 Tenderly
CD: Charly/Le Jazz CD 45, FAP 001/3

5 Introduction (Bob Garrity)
CD: Charly/Le Jazz CD 45, FAP 001/3

6 A Night in Tunisia
CD: Charly/Le Jazz CD 45, FAP 001/3

7 Introduction (Bob Garrity)
CD: Charly/Le Jazz CD 45, FAP 001/3

8 Dig
CD: Charly/Le Jazz CD 45, FAP 001/3

9 I Got Rhythm
12" LP: Chakra TH-100MD, Bopera 2-100, Jazzbird JAZ 2005
CD: Black Label BLCD 8027, Music Trax MTI 9017, FAP 001/3

The Charlie Parker Quartet, the Dizzy Gillespie Group, and the Bud Powell Trio were all booked at Birdland May 16-26; Parker remained (opposite Ella Fitzgerald) through June 3. Davis replaced Gillespie on this night (Gillespie was probably still in Toronto where he'd taken part in the Massey Hall concert with Parker, Powell, Charles Mingus, and Max Roach). Davis joined Gillespie as a second trumpet one week later (May 23).

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