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September 15, 1956 (3 items; TT = 12:57)
Café Bohemia, New York NY
Mutual Network radio broadcast (B)
Miles Davis Quintet

Miles Davis (tpt); John Coltrane (ts); William "Red" Garland (p); Paul Chambers (b); Philly Joe Jones (d); Guy Wallace (ann)

1 Theme and Introduction (Guy Wallace) 2:01

"Hey, now... Now we begin the second half of tonight's Bandstand USA -- I sit up here in Mutual's Manhattan studios and wave my hands and wiggle my ears, and the engineers do the work as they flip you all around, all around, all over the east coast, and out of some of the finest jazz spots in the country we bring you some of the finest jazz sounds in the country. Right now we're going to take you down to a favorite little spot of ours here in New York, Jimmy Giarofolo's Café Bohemia... Now here's a spot that has attained a great deal of importance; it rates pretty high on the scale of jazz pads -- all over the world, on an international scale, you could say, the Café Bohemia is considered one of the greatest, because, not only because of the artists that they play down there, but of the atmosphere of the place, and the people that go there are the true critics of jazz. Many of them have written their actual critiques at tables down there at the Café Bohemia. Down there at the present time is a young man whose name is Miles Davis, he -- I'm sure you know who he is, he's a real cool, as the man says, cooooo-ooool stylist, Miles Davis is. Incidentally, if you'd like to know more about Miles, the October issue of Tan magazine is coming out with a big spread on him -- so if you're interested, you can, you can pick up a copy of Tan and learn yourself all you want to know about Miles Davis from reading. But if you really wanna dig the man, and dig as I said one of the great controversial figures in jazz, you've gotta listen. So perk up your ears, pigeons, 'cause right now Bandstand USA takes you direct to Miles Davis at the Café Bohemia..."
2 Well, You Needn't (T. Monk) 5:52
3 It Never Entered My Mind (Coltrane out) (R. Rodgers-L. Hart) 5:04

1 Theme and Introduction (Guy Wallace)
CD: Domino 891221

2 Well, You Needn't
CD: Domino 891221

3 It Never Entered My Mind (Coltrane out)
CD: Domino 891221

This is from Mutual's Bandstand USA, which was broadcast live on Saturday nights beginning in 1956.

Garland like to quote "Country Gardens" during his solo on "It Never Entered My Mind" -- listen here at 3:47-3:57, where the allusion elicits laughs from the audience, and compare his solo from the Prestige session, May 11, 1956 (3:58-4:06), or the earlier solo from Pasadena Civic Auditorium, February 18, 1956 (at 3:47-3:57), where the allusion elicits laughs from the audience.

In the time between Davis's last two Prestige sessions (May 11 and October 26), and during which he was actively recording for Columbia, the Quintet maintained a busy touring schedule: Café Bohemia, New York (May 3-9 and May 25-June 10; Blue Note, Philadelphia (June 11-16); Crown Propeller Lounge, Chicago (June 19-July 8); Graystone Ballroom, Detroit (Monday, July 9); Peacock Alley, St. Louis (July 13-21); Rouge Lounge, Detroit (July 24-29, probably canceled); Café Bohemia, New York (September 7-29); Storyville, Boston (October 1-7); Café Bohemia, New York (October 15-29)

Soon after the second marathon Prestige session (October 26), Davis put the Quintet on hold for a month while he participated in the "Birdland All-Stars in Europe" tour.

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