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November-December 1956 (4 items; TT = 10:52)
Coliseum Theatre, Paris (France)
Unknown TV broadcast (B-)
René Urtreger Trio with Miles Davis

Miles Davis (tpt); René Urtreger (p); Pierre Michelot (b); Christian Garros (d)

1 Tune Up (M. Davis) 2:19
2 Four (M. Davis) 3:01
3 What's New? (J. Burke-B. Haggart) 3:16
4 Walkin' (R. Carpenter) 2:16

2 Four
CD: Rare Live Recordings RLR 88665

3 What's New?
CD: Rare Live Recordings RLR 88665

These items are sometimes included with "Lady Bird" from December 7, 1957, but this is a mistake. The recording characteristics of these items are quite different from "Lady Bird," and Barney Wilen is out on all of these titles. According to Pierre Michelot, these items were recorded after the conclusion of the "Birdland All-Stars in Europe" tour (November 2-25) for a French TV program called Prenez de chorus, which was broadcast on Thursday or Friday nights. Thanks to Jan Lohmann for his help with this session.

These items are all about 33 cents flat, and the times listed are from a pitch-corrected version. Thanks to Tommaso Urbano for his fine ear.

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