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April 17, 1963 (3 items; TT = 18:05)
Columbia Studio, Hollywood CA
Commercial for Columbia
Miles Davis Quintet

Miles Davis (tpt); George Coleman (ts); Victor Feldman (p); Ron Carter (b); Frank Butler (d)

1 Seven Steps to Heaven (take 3) (V. Feldman-M. Davis) 5:39

"Davis: "Keep it up. Here y'go." Macero: "Three..." As the tune winds down Feldman says something like "We could always make..."
2 Seven Steps to Heaven (take 5) (V. Feldman-M. Davis) 6:22

Macero: "Five..." Davis: "We're gonna take it from the top." Counts off. As the tune fades out Davis says, "Play that, Teo." Macero: "OK."
3 Summer Night (take 2) (A. Dubin-H. Warren) 6:04

Coleman out. As the tune winds down Davis says, "I'm gonna play another one, Teo, but I wanna hear that first..."

1 Seven Steps to Heaven (take 3)
12" LP: Mosaic MQ10-226
CD: Columbia C7K 90840, Sony SICP 620/5, Mega Disc Legendary 041617

2 Seven Steps to Heaven (take 5)
12" LP: Mosaic MQ10-226
CD: Columbia C7K 90840, Sony SICP 620/5, Mega Disc Legendary 041617

3 Summer Night (take 2)
12" LP: Columbia CL 2106 (= CS 8906), Analogue Productions APJ 8851-45, Columbia C5X 45000, Nippon Columbia YS-420, CBS/Sony SONP 50163, CBS/Sony SOPU 84, CBS/Sony 20AP 1407, Mosaic MQ10-226
CD: Columbia C4K 45000, Columbia C4K 86569, Columbia CK 65293, Columbia C7K 90840, Columbia CK 93592, CBS/Sony 32DP 516, Sony SRCS 5703, CBS/Sony 80DP 5430/3, Sony SICP 5037/40, Sony SRCS 9318, Sony SRCS 9734, Sony SIGP 2, Sony SICP 819, Sony SICP 620/5

At the beginning of 1963, Kelly, Chambers, and Cobb quit the Davis Quintet and formed the Wynton Kelly Trio. The trio, billed as "3 Sidemen of the Miles Davis Quintet," was booked for three nights (January 31-February 2) at Montreal's La TĂȘte de L'Art club. Davis had to scramble to replace them -- and was sued at least once during this period for breach of contract for missing gigs. He was booked for two weeks (January 30-February 10) at Chicago's Sutherland Lounge; a February 15-23 stint at Gino's in St. Louis was cancelled. He hired Frank Strozier and Harold Mabern, enticed Ron Carter away from Art Farmer, and added George Coleman as a third solo voice. The group traveled to San Francisco for a stay at the Blackhawk Supper Club (March 5-17), and then to Los Angeles (Shelly's Manne-Hole, April 5-14). For the California shows Davis hired Frank Butler. It was during this period, without Strozier and with Victor Feldman replacing Mabern, that Davis took his group into Columbia's Hollywood Studio.

The versions of "Seven Steps to Heaven" recorded during this session were superseded by the more outgoing versions recorded with the Hancock-Carter-Williams rhythm section a month later in New York.

Much of this material has been issued on The Sessions of Seven Steps (Mega Disc Legendary 041617 and 0514).

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