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September 10, 1964 (3 items; TT = 11:04)
Steve Allen Playhouse, Hollywood CA
Westinghouse TV broadcast (C)
Miles Davis Quintet

Miles Davis (tpt); Wayne Shorter (ts); Herbie Hancock (p); Ron Carter (b); Tony Williams (d); Steve Allen (ann)

1 Introduction (Phil Daley, Steve Allen) 1:28

Phil Daley introduces Steve Allen, Debbie Reynolds, and guests (0:50); Allen begins: "Thank you, thank you very much. Well, sir, there's a saying in show business, well there are millions of sayings in show business, one that... I can't even use two or three of them on the air, but one of them that relates to this program is that Miles Davis will not do television... Debbie Reynolds will, so we have Debbie with us a little bit later, and, uh, the thing however that's most newsworthy in this particular instance is that even though this is still probably going to be true down the century that Miles Davis will never appear on television, somehow, by some magic he is here tonight. So let's put him right to work. The great Miles Davis..."
2 No Blues (M. Davis) 9:26
3 Announcement (Steve Allen) 0:10

"Miles Davis Quintet... Debbie Reynolds will be along in just a few seconds. C'mon right back."

1 Introduction (Phil Daley, Steve Allen)
Video: TV broadcast (Steve Allen Show)

2 No Blues
12" LP: Teppa 76
Video: TV broadcast (Steve Allen Show)

3 Announcement (Steve Allen)
Video: TV broadcast (Steve Allen Show)

This is the probably the earliest extant recording of Wayne Shorter with the Davis Quintet. Shorter joined the Quintet in Los Angeles on September 4.

These performances were broadcast on The Steve Allen Show. Installments of the show were pre-recorded. According to the UCLA Film Archive, the show with Debbie Reynolds (and "No Blues") was recorded on September 10 and broadcast on September 22; the show with Burt Lancaster (and "So What" and "All Blues") was recorded on September 11 and broadcast on September 25.

From June 1962 through October 1964, Allen produced his own Tonight Show-style talk and variety show; it was sponsored by Westinghouse and was informally known as the Westinghouse Show. Episodes were taped at the Steve Allen Playhouse in Hollywood (an old vaudeville theater located at 1228 North Vine Street, on the corner of La Mirada.

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