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May 15, 1968 (3 items; TT = 36:09)
Columbia Studio B, New York NY
Commercial for Columbia
Miles Davis Quintet

Miles Davis (tpt); Wayne Shorter (ts); Herbie Hancock (p); Ron Carter (b); Tony Williams (d)

1 Country Son (rehearsal) (M. Davis) 7:46

Rhythm section only
2 Country Son (take 1) (M. Davis) 13:47

Begins with Davis solo
3 Country Son (take 3) (M. Davis) 14:36

1 Country Son (rehearsal)
CD: Columbia 88985 35737

2 Country Son (take 1)
12" LP: Columbia CS 9628, Mobile Fidelity Sound Laboratory MFSL 2-45437, CBS/Sony SONP 50023, CBS/Sony SONZ 54014, CBS/Sony SOPL 168, CBS/Sony 18AP 2073, CBS/Sony 23AP 2573, Mosaic MQ10-177
CD: Columbia CK 48954, Columbia CK 65684, Columbia C6K 67398, Columbia C6K 90925, CBS/Sony 32DP 728, Sony SRCS 5711, Sony SRCS 9305, Sony SRCS 8575/80, Sony SICP 663/8, Sony SRCS 9711, Sony SICP 830

3 Country Son (take 3)
12" LP: Mosaic MQ10-177
CD: Columbia CK 65681, Columbia C6K 67398, Columbia C6K 90925, Columbia CK 65945, Sony SRCS 8575/80, Sony SICP 663/8, Sony SRCS 2230, Sony SRCS 9711, Sony SICP 830

According to the track sheet for this session, the original title for "Country Son" was "Seeing Thru." The notes to the Quintet box (Mosaic MQ10-177, Columbia C6K 67398) explain that "Rehearsed in sections, the released version [of "Country Son"] is the first complete take (the engineer missed the opening bars of take 2, the released version), but a drum pickup was found and added to the master." The alternate version of "Country Son" released in the Quintet box is take 3. The alternate rhythm-only version released in the Freedom Jazz Dance box is an excerpt of a rehearsal take.

In addition to its busy studio schedule (six dates in just over a month), the Quintet was also busy with live dates, including the Guthrie Theater, Minneapolis (May 26), Showboat Lounge, Philadelphia (May 29-June 5), Village Gate, New York (July 16-28), the Laurel Jazz Festival (August 2), the New York Jazz Festival at Randall's Island (August 17), Peyton Place, Baltimore (September 17-22), Chicago's Plugged Nickel Club (September 25-29), Royce Hall on the UCLA campus (October 5), Las Lomas High School Auditorium, Walnut Creek (October 6), San Francisco's Both/And Club (October 8-20), Shelly's Manne-Hole (October 22-November 3).

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