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Charlie Parker session details

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February 1951 (1 item; TT = 5:54)
Birdland, New York NY
Voice of America radio broadcast (B)

Charlie Parker (talking); Leonard Feather (interviewer)

1 Interview (Leonard Feather, incomplete) 5:54

1 Interview (Leonard Feather, incomplete)
12" LP: Philology Volume 6 (W 29)
CD: Philology Volume 9 (W 120), Volume 53 (W 884), Ember/Fat Boy FBB 901

This interview was broadcast on VOA's Jazz Club USA. Feather says that he had "read a very interesting article just a few days ago in Ebony magazine under the byline of Cab Calloway ("Is Dope Killing Our Musicians?", February 1951), and asks Parker to comment. He takes umbrage -- "I'd say that it was poorly written, poorly expressed... and poorly meant. It was just poor..." The full text of the interview is available elsewhere on this site.

On March 23 Feather began a nightly program for WOR, which consisted of him playing and discussing records, and some interviews. It was broadcast from 2:00-5:00 am from Monte Proser's Café Theatre ("Feather to Deejay WOR Platter Stint," Billboard March 24, 1951, p. 10).

I'm grateful to Leif Bo Petersen for help with this session.

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