Live at the Royal Roost and Birdland (Charly Le Jazz CD 45)

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Title: Live at the Royal Roost and Birdland
Label: Charly Le Jazz CD 45 (CD)
Number of Tracks: 12
Details: September 25, 1948; June 30, 1950; February 17, 1951; May 16, 1953

Note: Only tracks on which Davis is present (77:40) are displayed below.

1 52nd Street Theme (T. Monk) [Sep 25, 1948] 3:55
2 Half Nelson (M. Davis) [Sep 25, 1948] 5:41
3 You Go to My Head (H. Gillespie-J.F. Coots) [Sep 25, 1948] 5:36
4 Chasin' the Bird (C. Parker) [Sep 25, 1948] 5:41
5 Hot House - 52nd Street Theme [Jun 30, 1950] 10:10
6 Wee (D. Best) [Allen's Alley] [Jun 30, 1950] 11:22
7 Tempus Fugit (B. Powell) [includes Symphony Sid patter] [Feb 17, 1951] 7:30
8 Evance (M. Davis) [Out of the Blue, with Symphony Sid patter] [Feb 17, 1951] 5:52
9 Move (D. Best) [with announcement] [May 16, 1953] 6:32
10 Tenderly (W. Gross-J. Lawrence) [with announcement] [May 16, 1953] 4:50
11 A Night in Tunisia (D. Gillespie-F. Paparelli) [with announcement] [May 16, 1953] 6:46
12 Dig (M. Davis) [with announcement] [May 16, 1953] 3:45

September 25, 1948
Miles Davis (tpt); Lee Konitz (as); John Lewis (p); Dillon "Curley" Russell (b); Max Roach (d); Kenny "Pancho" Hagood (voc); Clark Terry (tpt); Jimmy Nottingham (tpt); Harry Edison (tpt); Emmett Berry (tpt); Dickie Wells (tb); Bill Johnson (tb); George Matthews (tb); Ted Donnelly (tb); Bernie Peacock (as); Earl Warren (as, voc); Wardell Gray (ts); Paul Gonsalves (ts); Ronald "Jack" Washington (bs); Freddie Green (g); William "Count" Basie (p); Singleton Palmer (b); Rossiere "Shadow" Wilson (d); Anita O'Day (voc); Symphony Sid Torin (ann); Bob Garrity (ann); Unknown (ann)

June 30, 1950
Miles Davis (tpt); Theodore "Fats" Navarro (tpt); J.J. Johnson (tb); Charlie Parker (as); Milton "Brew" Moore (ts); Tadd Dameron (p); Walter Bishop, Jr. (p); Dillon "Curley" Russell (b); Art Blakey (d); Chubby Newsome (voc); Pee Wee Marquette (ann)

February 17, 1951
Miles Davis (tpt); J.J. Johnson (tb); Sonny Rollins (ts); Kenny Drew (p); Tommy Potter (b); Art Blakey (d); Symphony Sid Torin (ann)

May 16, 1953
Miles Davis (tpt); Sahib Shihab [Edmund Gregory] (bs); Wade Legge (p); Lou Hackney (b); Al Jones (d); Candido Camero (cga); Joe Carroll (voc); Bob Garrity (ann)

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