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Sing in Singen (Regency REG 027)

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Title: Sing in Singen
Label: Regency REG 027 (CD)
Number of Tracks: 8
Details: July 14, 1990

Note: Only tracks on which Davis is present (70:52) are displayed below.

1 New Blues (M. Davis) [New Blues] 8:47
2 Hannibal (M. Miller) 10:28
3 The Senate - Me and You 11:11
4 Jilli (J. Bigham) 6:26
5 Human Nature (S. Porcaro-J. Bettis) 13:17
6 In the Night (L. Blackmon-M. DePeyer) 4:01
7 Wrinkle (E. Davis) 6:38
8 Tutu (M. Miller) 10:04

Miles Davis (tpt); Kenny Garrett (as, fl); Joe "Foley" McCreary (g); Kei Akagi (keyb); Richard Patterson (el-b); Ricky Wellman (d); Erin Davis (perc)

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