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Miles Ahead session details

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August 3, 1980 (1 item; TT = 18:30)
Davis's house, New York NY
Audience recording (B-)

Miles Davis (voc)

1 Interview (incomplete) 18:30

1 Interview (incomplete)
CD: Soulard VGM-SOU CD 3

Washington University disk jockey Kishur Manwar interviewed Davis by telephone for broadcast on the KWMU-FM show Miles Beyond. From his house at 312 West 77th Street in New York, Davis mercilessly evades Manwar's questions about jazz; the St. Louis scene in the 1940s; Parker and Coltrane; Hendrix; where jazz is going; his influence on younger musicians like Hancock, Shorter, Corea, Zawinul, etc.; Rachmaninoff, Chopin, and their influence on Davis's writing.

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