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Miles Ahead session details

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May 8, 1982 (8 items; TT = 79:45)
Palais des Beaux Arts, Brussels (Belgium)
Belgian Radio and Television (BRT) TV broadcast (B+)

Miles Davis (tpt, synth); Bill Evans (ss, ts, fl, el-p); Mike Stern (g); Marcus Miller (el-b); Al Foster (d); Mino Cinelu (perc)

First set
1 Band warming up 0:57
2 Back Seat Betty (M. Davis) 9:26
3 My Man's Gone Now (D. Heyward-G. Gershwin) 12:46
4 Aida (M. Davis) 16:50

Second set
5 Introduction (Mino Cinelu) 1:04
6 Ife (M. Davis) 12:53
7 Fat Time (M. Davis) 9:20
8 Jean Pierre (M. Davis) 16:29

1 Band warming up
Video: BRT-TV

2 Back Seat Betty
Video: BRT-TV

3 My Man's Gone Now
Video: BRT-TV

4 Aida
Video: BRT-TV

5 Introduction (Mino Cinelu)
Video: BRT-TV

6 Ife
Video: BRT-TV

7 Fat Time
Video: BRT-TV

8 Jean Pierre
Video: BRT-TV

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