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Miles Ahead session details

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March 1, 1986 (1 item; TT = 3:55)
Capitol Recording Studio, Los Angeles CA
Commercial for Warner Brothers

Miles Davis (tpt); Adam Holzman (synth); Marcus Miller (el-b)

1 Red Riding Hood [Can I Play with U?] (P.R. Nelson) 3:55

1 Red Riding Hood
CD: H.T.B. CD-038001

Warner Brothers apparently hoped to include a Miles Davis/Prince collaboration on Davis's first record for his new label. "Can I Play with U?" was recorded by Prince in December 1985, and later Eric Leeds overdubbed his saxophone. The recording was sent to Davis with a note:

Miles, even though we have never met, I can tell just from listening to your music that you and I are so exactly alike that I know that whatever you play would be what I'd do. So if this tape is of any use to you, please go ahead and play whatever you feel over it. I trust what you hear and play.

Davis's overdubs took place at Capitol Recording Studio in Los Angeles on March 1, 1986. The results were uninspired, and Prince asked that the track not be released. A second longer version (6:35) was scheduled to be included on the Warner Brothers set The Last Word, but that set has not been released.

Thanks to Eric Flick for help with the details of this session.

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