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Miles Ahead session details

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June 15, 1986 (5 items; TT = 24:50)
Giants Stadium, East Rutherford NJ
Westwood One Radio Network (B)

Miles Davis (tpt, synth); Bob Berg (ss, ts); Robben Ford (g); Carlos Santana (g); Robert Irving III (synth); Adam Holzman (synth); Felton Crews (el-b); Vincent Wilburn Jr. (d); Steve Thornton (perc)

1 One Phone Call - Street Scenes (M. Davis) 1:10
2 Speak - That's What Happened (M. Davis-J. Scofield) 7:40
3 Tutu (M. Miller) 3:05
4 Splatch (M. Miller) 5:50
5 Burn (R. Irving III-R. Hall) 7:05

Add Santana (g)

5 Burn
CD: Tiki Records TR 02

These titles are excepted from Amnesty International's 25th Anniversary Benefit Concert, broadcast across North America on the Rock Radio Network (RRN).

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