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John Surman, Jack Bruce, Jon Hiseman
BBC Studios, London

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August 10, 1971 (6 items; TT = 57:52)
BBC Studios, London
Source/Quality: RB (B+)

John Surman (ss, bs, bcl. celeste); Jack Bruce (el-b, voc); Jon Hiseman (d, perc)

1 Baru (J. Surman) 4:52
2 Powerhouse Sod (J. Bruce) 7:55
3 Oom Bham She Bam Bom (J. Surman) 7:38
4 Jack's Gone (J. Bruce) 4:06
5 Clearway (J. Hiseman) 5:32
6 Eleven (J. Surman) 27:49

Broadcast on BBC-3's Jazz in Britain in two parts, August 31, 1971 and February 23, 1972. Presumably introduced by Charles Fox, although his announcements are missing from the version I have. "Oom Bham She Bam Bom" has a theme that eventually becomes "Outside the Scorpion," recorded on Surman's Westering Home LP on the Island label.

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