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Charlie Parker websites

Charlie Parker Music
A good starting point for information about Parker and his music, an image gallery, and (of course) stores where you can get Charlie Parker T-shirts or cover art for your home or office.

The Wikipedia entry for Charlie Parker
An extensive article about Charlie Parker covering all periods of his career

The Wikipedia entry for Charlie Parker discography
A basic discography for Charlie Parker from Wikipedia

Charlie Parker discography at Discogs.com
Extensive discography of Charlie Parker from Discogs.com

Charlie Parker at the Discography Project
An extensive discography and sessionography maintained by the Jazz Discography Project.

Bird's Legacy
Maintained by Wasaburo Miura, with lots of discographical resources, cover art, and collectors' notes.

Chasin' the Bird
This site was created as an oasis for BIRD chasers fascinated with Charlie Parker.

Phil Schaap Jazz: Radio
Phil Schaap's archive of Bird Flight broadcasts, and much besides.

Bird Lives
Llew Walker's extensive site with interviews, gallery, and lots of insightful essays.

Kevin Sun on Charlie Parker
New York saxophonist and composer Kevin Sun has blogged extensively about Charlie Parker and his music.

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