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Charlie Parker session details

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March 24, 1952 (14 items; TT = 37:21)
Loew's Valencia Theatre, Jamiaca NY
Private recording (Tape) (B-)
Show chatter

Charlie Parker (as); Henry "Red" Allen (tpt, voc); Bill Butterfield (tpt); Russell "Big Chief" Moore (tb); Bill Harris (tb); Jerry Jerome (ts, cl); Buddy De Franco (cl); Dick Cary (p); Teddy Wilson (p); Eddie Safranski (b); Don Lamond (d); Willis Conover (ann); Leonard Feather (ann)

1 Announcement (Willis Conover, Leonard Feather) 1:09
2 Fidgety Feet (G. Gershwin-I. Gershwin) 4:33

Jerry Jerome All-Stars
3 Introduction 0:29
4 St. James Infirmary (Traditional) 1:56

Jerry Jerome All-Stars
5 Introduction 0:17
6 When I Grow Too Old to Dream (S. Romberg-O. Hammerstein) 3:43

Jerry Jerome All-Stars
7 Introduction 0:18
8 Finger Bustin' (W. Smith) 2:27

Cary solo
9 Introduction 0:25
10 Cool Blues (C. Parker) 4:19

Parker and rhythm section
11 Introduction 0:12
12 Sweet Georgia Brown (B. Bernie-M. Pinkard-K. Casey) 8:15

Butterfield, Harris, Jerome, Wilson, Safranski, Lamond
13 Closing announcement 0:57
14 Ornithology (C. Parker-B. Harris) 8:21

10 Cool Blues
12" LP: Bird Box 01-22 LP 15, Jazz Showcase 5003
CD: Royal Jazz RJD 505, Philology Volume 8 (W 80), Volume 59 (W 890), Frémeaux & Associés FA 1340

14 Ornithology
CD: Royal Jazz RJD 505, Philology Volume 8 (W 80), Volume 59 (W 890), Frémeaux & Associés FA 1340

Parker performed at a Jerry Jerome production, a JATP-like All-Star affair. Parker played in a Sextet setting and also as a member of a Quartet. In the Quartet, the pianist's identity is uncertain -- it's probably Dick Cary (who played in the Parker-led Sextet), not Teddy Wilson, who is listed in the Philology notes.

The first 13 items are from a VOA broadcast. The last item must have been performed during the second half of the concert, but it is not included in the VOA broadcast.

I'm grateful to Leif Bo Petersen for help with this session.

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