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Erich Kleinschuster Sextet + Art Farmer
ORF Studios, Vienna

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March 19, 1968 (7 items; TT = 30:15)
ORF Studios, Vienna
Source/Quality: SB (B+)

Art Farmer (flh); Robert Politzer (tpt); Erich Kleinschuster (tb); Hans Salomon (as, ts); Fritz Pauer (p, el-p); Jimmy Woode (b); Erich Bachträgl (d)

1 Delphine (H. Salomon) 4:11
2 Stars (E. Kleinschuster) 4:01
3 Erwägung (E. Kleinschuster) 4:29
4 Orientierung (E. Kleinschuster) 4:31
5 Eau Sauvage (H. Salomon) 3:56
6 Gratuliere (F. Pauer) 4:48
7 Ala Nova (R. Politzer) 4:19

These titles were released on the Italian label Moon, Art Farmer - Art Worker (MLP 014-1, MCD 014-2), with an incorrect date and personnel. "Eau Sauvage" is included on a recent vinyl reissue of Kleinschuster's ORF recordings on the WallenBink label in the UK (WallenBink WB016), where the date is given as December 14, 1968.

Thanks to Noal Cohen for telling me about the WallenBink reissues.

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