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Charlie Parker session details

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May 5, 1947 (3 items; TT = 11:51)
Carnegie Hall, New York NY
Unknown radio broadcast (B)
Show chatter

Charlie Parker (as); Roy Eldridge (tpt); Coleman Hawkins (ts); Hank Jones (p); Eddie Safranski (b); Buddy Rich (d); Al Anderson (ann)

1 Introduction (Al Anderson) 0:38
2 Lover Come Back to Me [Bean and the Boys] (S. Romberg-O. Hammerstein) 0:48

No Parker solo
3 Stuffy (C. Hawkins) 10:25

Incomplete (ca. 7:50) on Bird Box, Philology, and Definitive

1 Introduction (Al Anderson)
CD: Philology Volume 9 (W 120), Definitive Records DRCD 11375

2 Lover Come Back to Me
CD: Philology Volume 9 (W 120), Definitive Records DRCD 11375

3 Stuffy
12" LP: Bird Box 01-22 LP 3
CD: New Sound Planet JUTB 3002, Sound Hills SSCD 8018, Philology Volume 7 (W 57), Definitive Records DRCD 11375

The solos on "Stuffy," in order: Hawkins (0:47-2:27), Eldridge (2:27-3:41, cut off), Parker (3:41-5:24), Jones (5:25-6:24), Safranski (6:25-7:37), Rich (7:37-9:33). The version issued on Bird Box, etc. ends abruptly at the end of Safranski's solo. There's a lot of commotion in the audience during the piano solo. Evidently this was elicited by Gjon Mili's attempts to document the proceedings. A very negative Down Beat review of this concert (May 21) notes, "Principal reason was one of those nights when a lot of good musicians simply aren't playing up to their names. Secondary were Life photographer Gjon Mili, Carnegie Hall acoustics and the audience... Mili, a friend of Granz', was there to take pictures. In his bumblings about the stage and flashings of pre-set lights, he not only disturbed the musicians, but gave the raucous section of the crowd a focal point for its bellicoseness. Result at the first intermission was a mass uproar which forced Mili to slacken his activities" (p. 6)

This material is usually listed as from June 19, 1949, but the correct date is May 5, 1947. Thanks to Lief Bo Petersen and James Accardi for help with this session, and to Wasaburo Miura for the complete version of "Stuffy."

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