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The Complete Columbia Album Collection
Columbia Legacy 86975 24922 / Columbia (F) 88697 52492

Released in 2009, this set includes all of Miles Davis' Columbia albums in one box. Of the 52 records, 26 contain tracks that were not included on the original release. The set also includes a DVD with two live sets of the Davis Quintet from the fall 1967 "Newport All-Stars in Europe" tour. A 250-page book includes an insightful essay by Frédéric Goaty, "Miles Davis in Perpetual Motion," along with discographical information by Richard Seidel, commentary by Franck Bergerot, and a track index. In English and French.

For details about the contents of the set, see the discography entry on this site.

No. 1: Festival International de Jazz 1949
No. 2: 'Round About Midnight
No. 3: Circle in the Round (2 CDs)
No. 4: Miles Ahead
No. 5: Milestones
No. 6: 1958 Miles
No. 7: Miles Davis at Newport 1958
No. 8: Porgy and Bess
No. 9: Jazz at the Plaza, Vol. 1
No. 10: Kind of Blue
No. 11: Sketches of Spain
No. 12: Directions (2 CDs)
No. 13: Someday My Prince Will Come
No. 14: Friday Night in Person at the Blackhawk (2 CDs)
No. 15: Saturday Night in Person at the Blackhawk (2 CDs)
No. 16: Miles Davis at Carnegie Hall (2 CDs)
No. 17: Quiet Nights
No. 18: Seven Steps to Heaven
No. 19: Miles Davis in Europe
No. 20: My Funny Valentine
No. 21: "Four" and More
No. 22: Miles in Tokyo
No. 23: Miles in Berlin
No. 24: E.S.P.
No. 25: At Plugged Nickel, Chicago (2 CDs)
No. 26: Miles Smiles
No. 27: Sorcerer
No. 28: Nefertiti
No. 29: Water Babies
No. 30: Miles in the Sky
No. 31: Filles de Kilimanjaro
No. 32: In a Silent Way
No. 33: Bitches Brew (2 CDs)
No. 34: Big Fun (2 CDs)
No. 35: A Tribute to Jack Johnson
No. 36: It's About That Time - Live at the Fillmore East (2 CDs)
No. 37: Black Beauty: Miles Davis at Fillmore West (2 CDs)
No. 38: Miles Davis at Fillmore (2 CDs)
No. 39: Isle of Wight 1970
No. 40: Live-Evil (2 CDs)
No. 41: On the Corner
No. 42: Miles Davis in Concert at Philharmonic Hall (2 CDs)
No. 43: Dark Magus (2 CDs)
No. 44: Get Up With It (2 CDs)
No. 45: Agharta (2 CDs)
No. 46: Pangaea (2 CDs)
No. 47: The Man with the Horn
No. 48: We Want Miles (2 CDs)
No. 49: Star People
No. 50: Decoy
No. 51: You're Under Arrest
No. 52: Aura
No. 53: Live in Europe 1967 (DVD)
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