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Miles Ahead Discographical Details

Here are the 15 occurrences of "four" in the Miles Ahead database. Click on a date for session details. If a row does not list any commercially-issued recordings, then that particular version of the tune is only available on private recordings.

DateLocationTitleDur78 rpm45 rpm10" LP12" LPCD
March 15, 1954Beltone Studio, New YorkFour4:00Prestige 898Prestige PREP 1360 [EP]Prestige PRLP 161Prestige 7054, Prestige P-012 (12 LP), Victor SMJ-6527, Victor VIJ-5090/5101 (12 LP)Fantasy OJC-093, Victor VICJ-23606, Prestige 8PCD-012, Victor VICJ-40225/32, Victor VICJ-60441, Victor VICJ-2024, Victor VICJ-41155, Universal UCCO-9094, Universal UCCO-5106
May 11, 1956Rudy van Gelder Studio, HackensackFour7:10   Prestige 7166, Prestige P-012 (12 LP), Analogue Productions APJ 035 (5 LP), Analogue Productions APJ 7166, Analogue Productions AJAZ 7166 (45 rpm), Analogue Productions ARPJ 7166 (mono LP), Analogue Productions APJ 035-45 (10-45 rpm), Victor SMJ-6503, Victor VIJ-5090/5101 (12 LP)Fantasy OJC-296, Prestige PRCD 6019, Prestige PRCD 7166, Prestige 8PCD-012, Prestige PRCD4-4444, DCC GZS-1063, Analogue Productions APJSA 7166, Victor VICJ-23505, Victor VICJ-23850, Victor VICJ-5095, Victor VICJ-40225/32, Victor VICJ-60267, Victor VICJ-60126, Victor VICJ-60818, Victor VICJ-41437, Victor VICJ-2064, Victor VICJ-61048, Victor VICJ-41029, Victor VICJ-41606, Universal UCCO-5019, Universal UCCO-9013, Universal UCCO-9022, Universal UCCO-9219, Universal UCCO-9654, Universal UCCO-90423, Victor VICJ-41122
November 7, 1956Festhalle A, Planten & Blomen, HamburgFour3:38     
November 19, 1956Kongresshaus, ZürichFour2:56    Jazz Unlimited JUCD 2050, Storyville STA 130467, Definitive DRCD 11294
November-December 1956Coliseum Theatre, ParisFour3:01    Rare Live Recordings RLR 88665
July 13, 1957Café Bohemia, New YorkFour6:07   Ozone 18, Chakra TH100MD, Bopera 2-100, Jazzbird JAX 2005, Rarelp 09Yadeon 502, Black Label BLCD 8027, Recording Arts (Golden Age of Jazz) JZCD 314, Tokuma TKCB-70066 (= TKCB-71062 = TKCB-71892), Music Trax MTI 9017
October 17-30, 1957Birdland, New YorkFour5:34    Jazz Unlimited JUCD 2050, Storyville STA 130467, Definitive DRCD 11294, Rare Live Recordings RLR 88666
November 30, 1957Olympia Theatre, ParisFour6:27   Carlyne CAR 006, Fresh Sound FSR33-101 LPRare Live Recordings RLR 88665, Fresh Sound FSR CD 1135
December 8, 1957Concertgebouw, AmsterdamFour4:03   Jazz O.P. OMS-7003, Celluloid CEL 6745/46Celluloid 668232, Lone Hill Jazz LHJ 10141
May 17, 1958Café Bohemia, New YorkFour4:48   Chakra TH100MD, Jazzbird JAZ 3005, Bandstand BLP 1501, Bandstand (J) 25BLL-3001, Jazz Band EB 418Prestige PRCD4-4444, Bandstand BDCD 1501, Bandstand (J) 32JBB-133, Black Label BLCD 8027, Yadeon 502, Jazzband EBCD 2101, Tokuma TKCB-30458 (= TKCB-70811), Jazz Music Yesterday JMY ME-6402, Tokuma TKCB-71062 (= TKCB-71892), Jazz Door JD 1242, Music Trax MTI 9017, Gambit 69220, Domino 891221, United Archives NUA 10
September 27, 1960Free Trade Hall, ManchesterFour10:54    Magnetic MRCD 102/3, Lone Hill Jazz LHJ-10212
September 27, 1960Free Trade Hall, ManchesterFour8:04    Magnetic MRCD 102/3, Lone Hill Jazz LHJ-10212
October 11, 1960Olympia Theatre, ParisFour8:50    Trema 710455/8, Trema 710578, Frémeaux & Associés FA 5451
February 12, 1964Lincoln Center, New YorkFour6:16   Columbia CL 2453 (= CS 9253), Mobile Fidelity Sound Laboratory MFSL 1-376, Nippon Columbia YS-612, Nippon Columbia XS-38C, Nippon Columbia/Sound Laboratory Series 45PX-6C (45 rpm), CBS/Sony SONP 50097, CBS/Sony SOPL 161, CBS/Sony 18AP 2063, CBS/Sony 23AP 2563, CBS/Sony 25AP 761, CBS/Sony 28AP 2837, CBS/Sony 00AP 2076/81, Mosaic MQ10-226Columbia C2K 48821, Columbia Legacy C7K 90840, Columbia Legacy CK 93595, Jazz Door JD 12113/4, Giants of Jazz CD 53047, Mobile Fidelity Sound Laboratory UDSACD 2087, CBS/Sony 35DP 66, 32DP 528, CSCS 5145, Sony SRCS 9111, Sony SRCS 9707, Sony SRGS 4529, Sony SICP 620/5, Sony SICP 823, Sony SICP 1212, Sony SICP 10087, Sony SICP 20055, Sony SICP 30220, Sony SICJ 30062, Columbia Legacy 86975 24922 [= Columbia (F) 86975 52492] (CD 21)
December 22, 1965Plugged Nickel Club, ChicagoFour15:05   Mosaic MQ10-158, Klimt MJJ349CLPColumbia Legacy CXK 66955, Sony SRCS 5766/72, Sony SRCS 7351/7, Sony SIC7 10001/8, Sony SRCS 9754
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