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Miles Ahead Discographical Details

Here are the 3 occurrences of "tempus fugit" in the Miles Ahead database. Click on a date for session details. If a row does not list any commercially-issued recordings, then that particular version of the tune is only available on private recordings.

DateLocationTitleDur78 rpm45 rpm10" LP12" LPCD
February 17, 1951Birdland, New YorkTempus Fugit6:45    Charly/Le Jazz CD 45, Blue Note B2-41779, Toshiba TOCJ-66225
April 20, 1953WOR Studios, New YorkTempus Fugit (take 1)3:47Blue Note BN 1618Blue Note BN 1649Blue Note BLP 5022Blue Note BLP 1501 (= BST 81501), Toshiba NR 8830Blue Note CDP 81501, Blue Note 32611, Columbia Legacy C2K 85475, Toshiba CJ28 5056, Toshiba TOCJ-5659/60, Toshiba TOCJ-9022, Toshiba TOCJ-66111/2, Toshiba TOCJ-6417, Toshiba TOCJ-6325, Sony SRCS 2493/4, Sony SICP 20162/3, Universal UCCQ-9451
April 20, 1953WOR Studios, New YorkTempus Fugit (take 2)3:54   Blue Note BLP 1502 (= BST 81502), Toshiba NR 8831Blue Note CDP 81502, Blue Note 32611, Toshiba CJ28 5111, Toshiba TOCJ-5659/60, Toshiba TOCJ-9023, Toshiba TOCJ-66111/2, Toshiba TOCJ-6429, Universal UCCQ-9452
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