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Miles Ahead Discographical Details

Here are the 2 occurrences of "trane's blues" in the Miles Ahead database. Click on a date for session details. If a row does not list any commercially-issued recordings, then that particular version of the tune is only available on private recordings.

DateLocationTitleDur12" LPCD
March 16, 1956Rudy van Gelder Studio, HackensackVierd Blues6:51Prestige 7044, Prestige P-012 (12 LP), Victor SMJ-6526, Victor VIJ-5090/5101 (12 LP)Fantasy OJC-071, Prestige PRCD 11004, Prestige FCD 60015, Victor VICJ-23605, Prestige 8PCD-012, Victor VICJ-40225/32, Victor VICJ-60342, Victor VICJ-2019, Victor VICJ-41252, Victor VICJ-41509, Universal UCCO-5069, Universal UCCO-9037, Universal UCCO-9269
May 11, 1956Rudy van Gelder Studio, HackensackTrane's Blues8:25Prestige 7166, Prestige P-012 (12 LP), Analogue Productions APJ 035 (5 LP), Analogue Productions APJ 7166, Analogue Productions AJAZ 7166 (45 rpm), Analogue Productions ARPJ 7166 (mono LP), Analogue Productions APJ 035-45 (10-45 rpm), Victor SMJ-6503, Victor VIJ-5090/5101 (12 LP)Fantasy OJC-296, Prestige PRCD 6019, Prestige PRCD 7166, Prestige 8PCD-012, Prestige PRCD4-4444, DCC GZS-1063, Analogue Productions APJSA 7166, Victor VICJ-23505, Victor VICJ-5095, Victor VICJ-40225/32, Victor VICJ-60267, Victor VICJ-60126, Victor VICJ-2064, Victor VICJ-61048, Victor VICJ-41029, Victor VICJ-41606, Universal UCCO-5019, Universal UCCO-9013, Universal UCCO-9022, Universal UCCO-9219, Universal UCCO-9654, Universal UCCO-90423
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