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Miles Ahead session details

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April 25, 1952 (8 items; TT = 12:59)
Birdland, New York NY
WNEW-AM radio broadcast (B-)
Show chatter

Miles Davis (tpt); Don Elliott (vb, mellophone); Chuck Wayne (g); Beryl Booker (p); Clyde Lombardi (b); Connie Kay (d); Al "Jazzbo" Collins (ann)

1 Introduction (Al "Jazzbo" Collins) 0:10
2 Unknown Title 0:20
3 Rifftide (C. Hawkins) 3:40

Listed as "Lady Be Good" on Yadeon
4 Introduction (Collins) 0:11
5 All the Things You Are (J. Kern-O. Hammerstein) 4:44
6 Introduction (Collins) 0:09
7 The Squirrel (T. Dameron) 3:31
8 Closing announcement (Collins) 0:14

1 Introduction (Al "Jazzbo" Collins)
CD: Yadeon 502, FAP 001/3

2 Unknown Title
CD: Yadeon 502, FAP 001/3

3 Rifftide
CD: Yadeon 502, FAP 001/3

4 Introduction (Collins)
CD: Yadeon 502, FAP 001/3

5 All the Things You Are
CD: Yadeon 502, FAP 001/3

6 Introduction (Collins)
CD: Yadeon 502, FAP 001/3

7 The Squirrel
12" LP: Stash ST-113
CD: Yadeon 502, FAP 001/3

8 Closing announcement (Collins)
CD: Yadeon 502, FAP 001/3

"Rifftide" is based on the changes of "Lady Be Good" and was first recorded in December 1944 by Mary Lou Williams. It was credited to Coleman Hawkins when he recorded it in February 1945 for Capitol. Substantially the same tune (albeit with a different bridge) was recorded in May 1954 by Thelonious Monk, with a new title, "Hackensack," and credited to Monk.

Davis had been away from New York for several months, in the Midwest trying to cure his heroin habit. He returned in April and joined the Beryl Booker group for a week at Birdland. This Friday-night performance was included on Al "Jazzbo" Collins' "The Purple Grotto" show; the following night's performance was broadcast on WJZ. Perhaps on the strengths of this gig, Davis was offered a one-week engagement at Birdland, May 1-7.

Thanks to James Accardi for identifying Collins and providing information about his show.

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