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Miles Ahead: Live recording lists

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The recordings on the lists above were collected over many years of music-trading with people the USA, Europe, Japan, and elsewhere. Much of the music on these lists has not been released commercially or on bootlegs. I am no longer active in trading but you may still find some of this information useful.

Dates and locations are as accurate as I have been able to make them, but I'm sure that some inaccuracies remain. Some venues, locations, and dates are unknown or approximate. I will be grateful for any information that I can use to correct errors or replace uncertainty. Just send me a message.

In most cases I don't know the provenance of these recordings -- who made them and with what gear, what generation they are, etc.

Quality (I use +/- for finer-grained distinctions)

A = Excellent: full sound, good highs, no clipping.
B = Good: some loss of highs, dull transients, clipping.
C = Poor: getting hard to listen to.

Sources of the music

RB = Radio broadcast (with details where known)
TV = Television broadcast (with details where known)
aud = Audience or band recording
SB = Studio or soundboard recording

Many of these recordings came to me originally as analog cassette tapes. The analog-to-digital transfer was done using Nakamichi ZX-7, ZX-9, or CR-7A cassette decks and a HHB CDR-800 recorder. When necessary I have corrected the pitch, but no noise reduction has been applied.

If you want to search the collection for groups, locations, tunes, or musicians, or by year or category, there is a query form designed for that purpose.

Last updated: 5/25/2024

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