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Miles Ahead Discography: 1945-1991

There are currently 682 different records in the Miles Ahead database. Select a decade from the drop-down list to begin; this will give you a list of records from that decade.

For unissued sessions, or if you prefer to see things organized by session rather than by recording, use the sessions list elsewhere on this site. To browse the discography by label or record type, use the label-by-label list.

Some of the recordings listed herein may be as-yet-unreleased -- I have included such items when I've been able to gather reliable information about them from other sources. Obviously the details may change by the time these recordings are released. Here is a list of country codes for issued recordings.

I update the database as I come across new recordings or information. If you notice errors, please send me a message.

Last updated: 6/2/2024

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