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Klact-oveeseds-tene vs. Klact-oveereds-tene

On November 4, 1947, the Charlie Parker Quintet recorded six tunes for Dial Records. One of them, an untitled original, was eventually given the title "Klact-oveeseds-tene" -- a title Ross Russell claims was written out by Parker on the back of a minimum charge card at the Three Deuces (see Bird Lives: The High Life and Hard Times of Charlie (Yardbird) Parker [Charterhouse, 1973], p. 251). Here's the autograph as it is reproduced in Ken Vail's Bird's Diary: The Life of Charlie Parker (Sanctuary, 1996), p. 33:


But look now at this note, also in Parker's hand (reproduced in Russell, p. 214). Notice the odd way in which Parker writes the letter "r" -- and compare that to the way he writes the letter "s":


It looks to me as if the title Parker actually wrote, pace Russell, was "Klact-oveereds-tene" rather than "Klact-oveeseds-tene" -- and so it appears in the discographies on this website.

Thanks to Jean-Marie Cardinet and Bruno Leicht for discussion on this matter.

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