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Miles Ahead session details

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January 31-February 4, 1985 (7 items; TT = 24:09)
Easy Sound Studio, Copenhagen (Denmark)
Danmarks Radio/TV broadcast (unkn)

Miles Davis (tpt); Benny Rosenfeld (tpt, flh); Palle Bolvig (tpt, flh); Jens Winther (tpt, flh); Perry Knudsen (tpt, flh); Palle Mikkelborg (tpt, flh, cond); Idrees Sulieman (tpt, flh); Vincent Nilsson (tb); Jens Engel (tb); Ture Larsen (tb); Ole Kurt Jensen (bass tb); Axel Windfeld (bass tb, tuba); Jesper Thilo (reeds, flute); Per Carsten (reeds, flute); Uffe Karskov (reeds, flute); Bent Jaedig (reeds, flute); Flemming Madsen (reeds, flute); Niels Eje (oboe, engl horn); John McLaughlin (g); Bjarne Roupé (g); Lillian Tørnquist (harp); Thomas Clausen (p, keyb); Ole Koch-Hansen (keyb); Kenneth Knudsen (keyb); Bo Stief (el-b); Niels-Henning Ørsted Pedersen (b); Vincent Wilburn Jr. (d, el-d); Lennart Gruvstedt (d); Marilyn Mazur (perc); Ethan Weisgard (perc); Eva Hess-Thaysen (voc)

1 Aura rehearsal excerpt 0:50
2 Aura rehearsal excerpt 1:26
3 Aura rehearsal excerpt 4:26
4 Aura rehearsal excerpt 8:49
5 Aura rehearsal excerpt 2:16
6 Aura rehearsal excerpt 2:32
7 Aura rehearsal excerpt 3:50

Aura was recorded on five days in Easy Sound Studios. Danmarks Radio/TV produced a thirty-minute TV program, Days with Miles Davis: Tha Making of Aura, documenting the recording. It includes rehearsal footage from the first-, second-, fourth-, and final days of recording, along with interviews with Davis, Mikkelborg, and other musicians. The video is available on YouTube.

There are some divisional markers in the video -- "First day," "Second day," etc. -- but the seven items listed above represent edits/transitions from one rehearsal sequence to another.

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