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Miles Ahead session details

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August 17, 1985 (12 items; TT = 122:17)
Hudson River Pier No. 84, New York NY
Audience recording (unkn)

Miles Davis (tpt, synth); Bob Berg (ss, ts, synth); Mike Stern (g); Robert Irving III (synth); Darryl Jones (el-b); Vincent Wilburn Jr. (d); Steve Thornton (perc)

1 One Phone Call - Street Scenes (M. Davis) 2:10

Berg out
2 Speak (M. Davis) 9:58
3 Star People [New Blues] (M. Davis) 6:04

Berg out
4 Maze (M. Davis) 10:53
5 Human Nature (S. Porcaro-J. Bettis) 14:17
6 Something on Your Mind (H. Eaves III-J. Williams) 12:30
7 Time After Time (C. Lauper-R. Hyman) 8:51

Berg on synth only
8 Ms. Morrisine (M. Tynes Irving-M. Davis-R. Irving III) 12:03
9 Code M.D. (R. Irving III) 8:52
10 Pacific Express (M. Davis) 17:29

Berg out
11 Hopscotch (M. Miller) 12:57

Berg out
12 Katia (encore) (R. Irving III) 6:13

This was Angus Thomas and Marilyn Mazur's first live date with the Davis group.

Davis returned from Japan on August 8, and according to Mazur they rehearsed in the studio for three days in mid-August.

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