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Miles Ahead session details

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February 6, 1986 (4 items; TT = 16:59)
Capitol Records Studios, Studio B, Los Angeles CA
Commercial for Warner Brothers

Miles Davis (tpt); Kenny Garrett (as); Marcus Miller (el-b); Steve Reid (perc); Paulinho Da Costa (perc); George Duke (other instruments, arr)

1 Backyard Ritual (master) (G. Duke) 3:12

Master used as source for single mixes
2 Backyard Ritual (G. Duke) 4:49

On both sides of Warner Brothers WB 7-28309
3 Backyard Ritual (take V1 - single edit) (G. Duke) 4:09

Edited from LP version
4 Backyard Ritual (take V2 - extended version) (G. Duke) 4:49

Edited from LP version

2 Backyard Ritual
45 rpm: Warner Brothers WB 7-28309 Promo
12" LP: Warner Brothers 1-025490, Warner Brothers (J) P-13379
CD: Rhino (F) 5249878472, Warner Jazz (UK) 8122 797195, 8122 797687

3 Backyard Ritual (take V1 - single edit)
45 rpm: WB 7-020717
12" LP: Warner Brothers 0-020717 (45 rpm)

4 Backyard Ritual (take V2 - extended version)
12" LP: Warner Brothers 0-020717 (45 rpm)

The music was originally a demo by Duke, released after some overdubbing. Davis and George Duke never met in the studio. Samples of Garrett's alto saxophone are used. The file lists a 3:12 version marked "Master Copy for use as source for single mixes."

Steve Reid is unlisted on the album, but he is quoted by George Cole: "I played almost all the percussion and Paulinho added a little magic afterwards" (George Cole, The Last Miles, p. 235).

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