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Miles Ahead session details

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March 25, 1987 (16 items; TT = 111:02)
Orpheum Theatre, Minneapolis MN
Audience recording (unkn)

Miles Davis (tpt, synth); Kenny Garrett (as, fl); Gary Thomas (ss, ts); Robert Irving III (synth); Adam Holzman (synth); Bobby Broom (g); Darryl Jones (el-b); Ricky Wellman (d); Mino Cinelu (perc)

1 One Phone Call - Street Scenes (M. Davis) 1:20

Garrett and Thomas out
2 Speak (M. Davis) 6:30
3 New Blues [Star People] (E. Davis) 6:17

Garrett and Thomas out
4 Perfect Way (G. Gartside-D. Gamson) 4:40
5 Human Nature (S. Porcaro-J. Bettis) 9:30
6 Wrinkle (inc) (E. Davis) 6:30
7 Tutu (inc) (M. Miller) 11:15
8 Splatch (M. Miller) 8:40
9 Time After Time (C. Lauper-R. Hyman) 9:10

Garrett and Thomas out
10 Full Nelson (M. Miller) 6:05
11 Don't Stop Me Now (S. Lukather-D. Paitch) 4:15
12 Carnival Time (N. Larsen) 9:25

Garrett and Thomas out
13 Tomaas (M. Davis-M. Miller) 6:40
14 Burn (R. Irving III-R. Hall) 6:10
15 Maze (encore) (M. Davis) 6:25
16 Portia (encore) (M. Miller) 8:10

This concert was Wellman's debut with the group. Prince was in the audience. The Davis group performed at an unknown venue in Milwaukee WI the following night.

A short excerpt of "Wrinkle" (2:30) was broadcast on Radio Jazz, Denmark.

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