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Miles Ahead session details

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October 1, 1964 (11 items; TT = 99:10)
Salle Pleyel, Paris (France)
ORTF radio broadcast (B)

Miles Davis (tpt); Wayne Shorter (ts); Herbie Hancock (p); Ron Carter (b); Tony Williams (d)

First concert
1 Autumn Leaves (J. Prevert-J. Mercer-J. Kosma) 12:47
2 So What (M. Davis) 9:39

Faded at the end of Hancock solo on Heart Note and Moon
3 Stella by Starlight (N. Washington-V. Young) 11:10
4 Walkin' (R. Carpenter) 9:08
5 The Theme (with applause) (M. Davis) 0:38

Second concert
6 All of You (C. Porter) 16:04
7 Joshua (V. Feldman) 12:48
8 My Funny Valentine (R. Rodgers-L. Hart) 12:32
9 No Blues (M. Davis) 13:17
10 The Theme (with applause) (M. Davis) 1:00
11 Closing announcement (incomplete) 0:07

1 Autumn Leaves
12" LP: Heart Note HN 004
CD: Moon MCD 021

2 So What
12" LP: Heart Note HN 004
CD: Moon MCD 021

3 Stella by Starlight
12" LP: Heart Note HN 004
CD: Moon MCD 021

4 Walkin'
12" LP: Heart Note HN 004
CD: Moon MCD 021

5 The Theme (with applause)
12" LP: Heart Note HN 004
CD: Moon MCD 021

Tapes in general circulation include incomplete versions of "All of You" and "Joshua" from the second concert (10:52 and 9:18, respectively). The "Miles Impro" included on Moon MCD 021 is an excerpt of "Joshua" from Stockholm, October 3, not from this concert.

Some versions of this material in circulation include a version of "All of You" in the first concert, but this performance is from the Sindelfingen concert on October 8.

The Davis Quintet embarked on a European tour in late September. The itinerary (with several gaps) was as follows:

September 25: Berlin Philharmonie
September 26: Concertgebouw, Amsterdam
September 29: Le Théâtre Municipal, Lausanne
September 30: Kongresshaus, Zürich
October 1: Salle Pleyel, Paris (two concerts)
October 3: Johanneshov Isstadion, Stockholm
October 4: KB-Hallen, Copenhagen
October 6: Messuhalli, Helsinki
October 8: Stadthalle, Sindelfingen (two concerts)
October 11: Teatro dell' Arte, Milan

The Quintet was booked in other cities as well -- e.g. Barcelona and Frankfurt -- but I have been unable to find dates or confirm that these concerts occurred. Thanks to Flurin Casura for the advertisement for the Zürich concert.

I am grateful to Tommaso Urbano for his help with this session

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