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Miles Ahead: Live Music

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The recordings on the lists above were collected over many years of music-trading with people all over the world. Most of the music on these lists have not been released commercially or on bootlegs. I am no longer active in trading but you may find some of this information useful. Last updated: 6/15/2023.

Dates and locations are as accurate as I have been able to make them, but I'm sure that some inaccuracies remain. Some venues, locations, and dates are unknown or approximate. I will be grateful for any information that I can use to correct errors or replace uncertainty.

In most cases I don't know the history of these recordings -- who made them and with what gear, what generation they are, etc.

Quality (I use +/- for finer-grained distinctions)

A = Excellent: full sound, good highs, no clipping.
B = Good: some loss of highs, dull transients, clipping.
C = Poor: getting hard to listen to.

Sources of the music

RB = Radio broadcast (with details where known)
TV = Television broadcast (with details where known)
aud = Audience or band recording
SB = Studio or soundboard recording

Many of these recordings came to me originally as analog cassette tapes. In these cases the analog-to-digital transfer was done using Nakamichi ZX-7, ZX-9, or CR-7A cassette decks and a HHB CDR-800 recorder. In some cases I have corrected the pitch or done other cleanup as needed.

If you want to search the collection for groups, locations, tunes, or musicians, there is a query form designed for that purpose.

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