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Live CD-Rs and Tapes: John Coltrane

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Many of the 87 John Coltrane sessions listed below are commercially unissued (70 hr, 17 min). Click on a venue for details. See the main tapes page for a key to abbreviations and criteria for quality.

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John Coltrane with Navy MusiciansJuly 13, 1946Unknown venue, OahuaudB-20
John Coltrane with Dinah WashingtonSeptember 27, 1949Unknown studio, New YorkSBB-10
John Coltrane with Billy ValentineNovember 7, 1949Unknown studio, Los AngelesSBB-21
John Coltrane with Dizzy Gillespie All-StarsUnknown 1950Unknown venue, ChicagoaudB-20
John Coltrane with Dizzy Gillespie All-StarsJanuary 6, 1951Birdland, New YorkRBB14
John Coltrane with Dizzy Gillespie All-StarsJanuary 13, 1951Birdland, New YorkRBB18
John Coltrane with Dizzy Gillespie All-StarsJanuary 20, 1951Birdland, New YorkRBB16
John Coltrane with Dizzy Gillespie All-StarsFebruary 3, 1951Birdland, New YorkRBB17
John Coltrane with Dizzy Gillespie All-StarsMarch 17, 1951Birdland, New YorkRBB18
John Coltrane with Gay Crosse, C KittrellUnknown 1952 (a)Unknown studio, NashvilleSBB-4
John Coltrane with Gay CrosseUnknown 1952 (b)Unknown studio, NashvilleSBB-11
John Coltrane with Charles Ruckles OrchestraUnknown 1952 (c)Unknown studio, NashvilleSBB-4
John Coltrane with Gay CrosseJanuary 19, 1952Unknown studio, PhiladelphiaSBB-7
John Coltrane with Earl Bostic OrchestraApril 7, 1952Unknown studio, CincinnatiSBB12
John Coltrane with Earl Bostic OrchestraAugust 15, 1952Unknown studio, Los AngelesSBB11
John Coltrane with James "Coatesville" HarrisUnknown 1954Unknown studio, Unknown citySBB-6
John Coltrane with Johnny Hodges OrchestraJune 1954Unknown studio, Los AngelesSBB-30
John Coltrane SextetSeptember 15, 1957Rudy van Gelder Studio, HackensackSBB+104
John Coltrane with Wilbur Harden QuintetMarch 13, 1958Rudy van Gelder Studio, HackensackSBB+35
John Coltrane interviewJune 15, 1958August Blume's Home, BaltimoreaudB47
John Coltrane with Thelonious MonkSeptember 11, 1958Five Spot Café, New YorkaudB56
John Coltrane, Joe Henderson Jam SessionSeptember 25, 1958Joe Brazil's basement, DetroitaudB-54
John Coltrane with Oscar Peterson, Stan GetzMarch 21, 1960Olympia Theatre, ParisRBB+14
John Coltrane interviewMarch 22, 1960Konserthuset, StockholmaudC6
John Coltrane QuartetJuly 1960Jazz Gallery, New YorkaudB-86
John Coltrane QuintetMarch 1, 1961Sutherland Hotel Lounge, ChicagoRBB-169
John Coltrane QuintetJuly 1, 1961Festival Field, NewportaudB+29
John Coltrane interviewNovember 1961Unknown location, Unknown cityaudB16
John Coltrane QuintetNovember 18, 1961Olympia Theatre, ParisaudB108
John Coltrane interviewNovember 19, 1961Unknown location, AmsterdamaudB12
John Coltrane QuintetNovember 20, 1961Falconercentret, CopenhagenaudB68
John Coltrane QuintetNovember 22, 1961Kulttuuritalo, HelsinkiRBB44
John Coltrane QuintetNovember 23, 1961 (a)Konserthuset, StockholmaudA-80
John Coltrane interviewNovember 23, 1961 (b)Unknown location, StockholmaudB4
John Coltrane QuintetNovember 27, 1961Kongresshalle, FrankfurtaudB-42
John Coltrane QuintetNovember 29, 1961 (a)Liederhalle, StuttgartaudB-31
John Coltrane QuintetDecember 2, 1961Auditorium Maximum, Freie Universität, BerlinaudB14
John Coltrane QuintetDecember 4, 1961Südwestfunk Studios, Baden-BadenTVB29
John Coltrane QuartetDecember 21, 1961Rudy van Gelder Studio, Englewood CliffsSBB63
John Coltrane QuartetFebruary 9, 1962Birdland, New YorkRBA-42
John Coltrane QuartetFebruary 16, 1962Birdland, New YorkRBB29
John Coltrane QuartetJune 2, 1962Birdland, New YorkaudB29
John Coltrane QuartetJune 20, 1962Rudy van Gelder Studio, Englewood CliffsSBB71
John Coltrane QuartetSeptember 18, 1962Rudy van Gelder Studio, Englewood CliffsSBB+7
John Coltrane QuartetNovember 13, 1962Rudy van Gelder Studio, Englewood CliffsSBB46
John Coltrane QuartetNovember 17, 1962 (a)Olympia Theatre, ParisRBA-/B183
John Coltrane interviewNovember 17, 1962 (b)Unknown location, ParisaudB6
John Coltrane QuartetNovember 19, 1962Konserthuset, StockholmRBA-202
John Coltrane QuartetNovember 20, 1962Kulttuuritalo, HelsinkiaudB-81
John Coltrane QuartetNovember 22, 1962Falconercentret, CopenhagenaudB106
John Coltrane QuartetNovember 28, 1962Stefaniensaal, GrazaudB128
John Coltrane interviewDecember 1, 1962Unknown studio, AmsterdamRBB11
John Coltrane QuartetDecember 2, 1962Teatro dell' Arte, MilanRBB33
John Coltrane QuartetUnknown 1963Unknown venue, Unknown cityRBA-28
John Coltrane QuartetJanuary 19, 1963Schwab Auditorium, University ParkRBB70
John Coltrane QuartetFebruary 23, 1963Birdland, New YorkRBB29
John Coltrane QuartetMarch 2, 1963Birdland, New YorkRBB24
John Coltrane QuartetJune 1963Le Tete de L'Art, MontrealaudB-16
John Coltrane QuartetJuly 1963 (a)Showboat Lounge, PhiladelphiaaudB-70
John Coltrane QuartetJuly 1963 (b)Showboat Lounge, PhiladelphiaaudB-111
John Coltrane QuartetOctober 8, 1963Birdland, New YorkaudB76
John Coltrane QuartetOctober 22, 1963Konserthuset, StockholmRBA-93
John Coltrane QuartetOctober 25, 1963Tivoli Konsertsal, CopenhagenRBB87
John Coltrane interviewOctober 26, 1963Unknown studio, AmsterdamRBB5
John Coltrane QuartetNovember 1, 1963 (a)Salle Pleyel, ParisRBA-74
John Coltrane interviewNovember 1, 1963 (b)Unknown location, ParisaudB11
John Coltrane QuartetNovember 2, 1963Auditorium Maximum, Freie Universität, BerlinRBA-113
John Coltrane QuartetNovember 4, 1963Liederhalle, StuttgartRBB+114
John Coltrane QuartetDecember 7, 1963WNET-TV Studio, San FranciscoTVB30
John Coltrane QuartetSeptember 18, 1964Pep's Lounge, PhiladelphiaaudB-33
John Coltrane QuartetMarch 19, 1965Half Note Club, New YorkRBB56
John Coltrane QuartetMarch 26, 1965Half Note Club, New YorkRBB41
John Coltrane QuartetMarch 28, 1965Village Gate, New YorkaudB31
John Coltrane QuartetApril 2, 1965Half Note Club, New YorkRBB71
John Coltrane QuartetMay 7, 1965Half Note Club, New YorkRBB65
John Coltrane QuartetJuly 26, 1965La Pinède Gould, Juan-les-PinsRBB+50
John Coltrane QuartetJuly 27, 1965 (a)La Pinède Gould, Juan-les-PinsRBB+62
John Coltrane interviewJuly 27, 1965 (b)Unknown studio, ParisRBB7
John Coltrane QuartetJuly 28, 1965Salle Pleyel, ParisRBB+50
John Coltrane QuartetAugust 1, 1965Unknown venue, Comblain-La-TourRBB38
John Coltrane Quartet + Archie SheppAugust 15, 1965Soldiers Field, ChicagoaudB-38
John Coltrane QuartetAugust 26, 1965RCA Victor Studios, New YorkSBB47
John Coltrane QuintetSeptember 30, 1965Penthouse, SeattleaudB88
John Coltrane QuintetJuly 2, 1966Festival Field, NewportaudB55
John Coltrane QuintetJuly 17, 1966Kokusai Kaikan, KobeaudC82
John Coltrane QuintetNovember 11, 1966Temple University, PhiladelphiaaudB64
John Coltrane GroupApril 23, 1967Olatunji Center, New YorkaudB64
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