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Commercially Unissued Live CD-Rs and Tapes: Non-Jazz

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These 33 items don't really belong on a list of 'jazz' recordings, but they are commercially unissued. Click on a name for details. See the main tapes page for a key to abbreviations and criteria for quality.

Jack Bruce and FriendsJanuary 31, 1970 (b)Fillmore Auditorium, New YorkaudB62
GryphonDecember 11, 1974Boston Garden, BostonSBB31
Hot TunaApril 30, 1972Winterland, San FranciscoSBB93
It's a Beautiful DayMay 24, 1968Fillmore Auditorium, San FranciscoSBB+43
It's a Beautiful DayJune 18, 1968Fillmore Auditorium, San FranciscoSBB55
It's a Beautiful DayJuly 1, 1971Fillmore Auditorium, San FranciscoSBB+116
Jefferson AirplaneNovember 6, 1965Unknown venue, San FranciscoaudB16
Jefferson AirplaneApril 17, 1966Avalon Ballroom, San FranciscoaudB48
Jefferson AirplaneSeptember 3, 1966Avalon Ballroom, San FranciscoaudB41
Jefferson AirplaneOctober 7, 1966Winterland, San FranciscoSBB40
Jefferson AirplaneOctober 14, 1966 (b)Fillmore Auditorium, San FranciscoSBB85
Jefferson AirplaneOctober 15, 1966Fillmore Auditorium, San FranciscoSBB58
Jefferson AirplaneOctober 16, 1966Fillmore Auditorium, San FranciscoSBB71
Jefferson AirplaneNovember 6, 1966 (b)Fillmore Auditorium, San FranciscoSBB82
Jefferson AirplaneUnknown 1967 (b)Winterland, San FranciscoaudB15
Jefferson AirplaneMarch 12, 1967Fillmore Auditorium, San FranciscoSBB44
Jefferson AirplaneAugust 1967Fillmore Auditorium, San FranciscoaudB75
Jefferson AirplaneAugust 5, 1967O'Keefe Center, TorontoSBB77
Jefferson AirplaneSeptember 30, 1967Fillmore Auditorium, San FranciscoaudB41
Jethro Tull (BBC spots 1968-70)Unknown 1968 (b)BBC Studios, LondonRBB+56
Jethro TullJanuary 9, 1969 (b)Konserthuset, StockholmaudB114
Jethro TullJanuary 4, 1970Carnegie Hall, New YorkaudB64
Jethro TullJanuary 12, 1970Agora Ballroom, ChicagoaudB55
Harvey Mandel, Jerry Garcia, Elvin BishopDecember 24, 1968Matrix Club, San FranciscoaudB75
Meredith Monk interviewUnknown 1988 (a)WNYC Studio, New YorkRBB60
Meredith Monk interviewUnknown 1988 (b)WNYC Studio, New YorkRBB60
Meredith Monk interviewUnknown 1988 (c)Unknown studio, PhiladelphiaRBB60
MountainDecember 31, 1970Fillmore Auditorium, New YorkSBB+99
MountainJune 27, 1971Fillmore Auditorium, New YorkSBB52
PentangleMay 29, 1970Community Theatre, BerkeleySBB+68
Steve Reich and MusiciansNovember 7, 1970 (b)University Museum, BerkeleyRBB60
Steve Reich interviewUnknown 1988 (d)KUSC Studio, Los AngelesRBB57
Frank Zappa and the Mothers of InventionDecember 2, 1972Cowtown Ballroom, Kansas CityaudB142
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