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Charlie Parker Query Form

Select one or more items from the drop-down lists. You can do combination queries using more than one list, e.g. to find performances of "All the Things You Are" where Bird is joined by Miles Davis, or Swedish appearances of Charlie Parker and Strings. Many multi-parameter queries will not return any results, so don't be alarmed if such a query comes up empty.

Last updated: 5/26/2024






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Search in session notes

Search in tune comments/chatter


The Search in session notes option allows you to search the notes to the sessions in the database -- e.g., you could look for sessions whose notes contain the words "Parker and Strings." The Search in tune comments/chatter option allows you to search the comments on tunes, announcements, introductions -- so you can look for the show where Symphony Sid Torin introduces Parker as "Yutfagel" or the studio chatter where Parker says "Hold it!"

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