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Charlie Parker session details

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Unknown 1947-1948 (4 items; TT = 5:30)
Unknown venue, Unknown city
Private recording (Acetate) (C)

Charlie Parker (as); Unknown (ts); Unknown (rhythm section)

1 Unknown Title (incomplete) 1:03

Two fragments (0:41 + 0:22)
2 She's Funny That Way (incomplete) (R.A. Whiting-N. Moret) 1:22

Two fragments (0:24 + 0:58)
3 Unknown Title (incomplete) 0:32

Two fragments (0:22 + 0:10)
4 This Time the Dream's on Me (H. Arlen-J. Mercer) 2:33

1 Unknown Title (incomplete)
CD: Philology Volume 67 (W 897)

2 She's Funny That Way (incomplete)
CD: Philology Volume 67 (W 897)

3 Unknown Title (incomplete)
CD: Philology Volume 67 (W 897)

4 This Time the Dream's on Me
CD: Philology Volume 26 (W 857)

I don't know where or when these were recorded. According to Robert Bregman, they originated with Dean Benedetti but were not included among the material given to Mosaic Records. They were probably not recorded on the same date or in the same venue -- the ambiance on the first three items is quieter than on the last one, but the quality of the recording makes it hard to say more than that.

No trumpet is audible on any of these fragments. Parker plays some nice contrapuntal lines with the tenor saxophonist on the second fragment of the first unknown title. "This Time the Dream's on Me" is a very poor recording, with skips and hum throughout. The skips diminish as the recording progresses, but the hum gets worse.

I am very grateful to Chieo Yamada for his persistence and help with this session.

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