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Miles Ahead session details

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February 7, 1975 (10 items; TT = 99:16)
Shinjuku Kosei Nenkin Hall, Tokyo (Japan)
Audience recording (B)

Miles Davis (tpt, org); Sonny Fortune (ss, as, fl); Pete Cosey (g, perc, EMS Synthi); Reggie Lucas (g); Michael Henderson (el-b); Al Foster (d); James Mtume Forman (cga, perc)

First set
1 Band warming up 0:45
2 Funk [Prelude, part 1] (M. Davis) 18:15
3 Maiysha (M. Davis) 18:00
4 Ife (M. Davis) 9:23
5 Zimbabwe (with applause) (M. Davis) 2:00

Second set
6 Band warming up 2:58
7 Turnaroundphrase (M. Davis) 13:24
8 Tune in 5 (M. Davis) 4:54

"Willie Nelson" vamp from 2:07-2:21
9 For Dave [Mr. Foster] (M. Davis) 13:14
10 Mtume (with applause) (M. Davis) 16:23

Cga/perc 10:45-15:58

1 Band warming up
CD: YSP 0606001

2 Funk
CD: YSP 0606001

3 Maiysha
CD: YSP 0606001

4 Ife
CD: YSP 0606001

5 Zimbabwe (with applause)
CD: YSP 0606001

6 Band warming up
CD: YSP 0606001

7 Turnaroundphrase
CD: YSP 0606001

8 Tune in 5
CD: YSP 0606001

9 For Dave
CD: YSP 0606001

10 Mtume (with applause)
CD: YSP 0606001

This is an unusual concert -- not only the shortness of "Ife" (under ten minutes!) and the use of "Zimbabwe" as a short set-closing theme, but "Ife" itself has a much more intricate bass vamp, with Henderson filling in the four-note riff with an upper-register figure doubled at times by one of the guitars. After a short introduction by Fortune, Davis is the only soloist.

After warming up the Septet on the west coast, Davis embarked on a three-week Japanese tour. The itinerary was as follows:

January 22 (Wed): Tokyo Koseinenkinkaikan Hall (7:00 pm)
January 23 (Thu): Tokyo Koseinenkinkaikan Hall (7:00 pm)
January 24 (Fri): Nagoya Shiminkaikan (Nagoya civic auditorium) (6:30 pm)
January 25 (sat): Kyoto Kaikan Hall (No. 1) (6:30 pm)
January 27 (Mon): Sapporo Koseinenkinkaikan Hall (6:30 pm)
January 30 (Thu): Kokura Shiminkaikan (City Hall) (6:30 pm)
February 1 (Sat): Osaka Festival Hall (two concerts, 4:00 pm and 7:00 pm)
February 2 (Sun): Osaka Festival Hall (2:00 pm)
February 3 (Mon): Shizuoka City Sunpukaikan (6:30 pm)
February 4 (Tue): Miyagi Kenminkaikan (6:30 pm)
February 7 (Fri): Tokyo Koseinenkinkaikan Hall
February 8 (Sat): Tokyo Koseinenkinkaikan Hall (two concerts, 2:00 pm and 7:00 pm)

Several of the concerts were recorded and broadcast on Japanese radio. Thanks to Eric Jooris for providing me with a copy of the concert program, and to Tom Yamaguchi for translating the schedule for me.

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