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Basic rules for operating a fast food restaurant

Automation: a self-activating operation or control of a process, equipment, or system, and is the totality of mechanical and electronic techniques and equipment used to achieve such operation or control.

Fast: acting, moving, or capable of moving quickly, swift, and accomplished in relatively little time: it is expeditious, which combines the senses of rapidity and efficiency.

Use of paper products and plastic wraps keeps labor costs down: pre-sliced cheese, packs of jellies and ketchup. Getting the customer to do the work. A limited menu restricted to items with a short preparation time would make fast service possible and would also be useful in streamlining operations.

Fast food:
1 utilization of time-saving equipment: microwave, postmix beverage dispensers
2 utilization of labor-saving equipment: ware washers, automatic potato peelers and automatic coffee brewers
3 utilization of self-service devices or methods to reduce labor overhead: vending machines, cafeteria systems, buffet tables

The causes of a system not meeting its anticipated goal:
1 Poor working conditions.
2 Poor employer-employee relations.
3 Poor employee-employee relations.
4 Lack of teamwork.
5 Snags in production.
6 Lack of adequate and simplified instructions.
7 Not enough equipment.
8 Poor safety procedures.
9 Poor sanitation procedures.
10 Unnecessary movement of materials.
11 Ineffective use of workspace and equipment.
12 Poor and ineffective communication.
13 Out of stock or inventory conditions, resulting in frequent menu changes.
14 Frequent breakdown of equipment, lack of preventive maintenance.
15 Equipment too complicated to operate.
16 Equipment controls are inaccessible or too difficult to manipulate.
17 Equipment poorly displayed or deployed.

To make the employee happy, improve:

  • Illumination
  • Noise discomforts
  • Décor and color planning
  • Temperature comfort factor
  • Designing for employee's comfort
  • Improving the work area and working habits

  • Reiter and Thorner